12 Outstanding Exploratory Essay Topics About Music

There is something almost magical about music. It’s known as a salve for emotional wounds, and can invoke a variety of emotions. The most amazing thing about music is that there is a limitless supply to be found for every imaginable mood. Music can be found to fill the silence, to give you energy and pump you up, to put you in a relaxing and ethereal state, and to take away the stress of the day.

Every person has their own favorite artist or song, so it is not a great surprise that music can be used as a tool for connecting with others and beginning conversations. It has been said that the type of music a person listens to can determine what their personality is like. For example, there are country people, there are alternative people, there are heavy metal people, there are rock people, there are indie/ artsy people, and there are classical people, just to name a few. Then there are all the different instruments that one can use to make music.

Deciding on a topic for your exploratory essay in music can be difficult, simply because of the endless possibilities that can be considered. To give you a place to start, and some ideas to morph into your own, here is a list of 12 outstanding topics that will have your paper singing a tune of its own:

  • Compare the distinct differences and similarities between grunge music and metal music. Explain and discuss how the loud sounds and use of distortion can cause the untrained ear to believe the two genres are one and the same.
  • Chinese music: How this has been described as its own unique art form and its development from Ling Lun's creation of sixty bells.
  • Domination of the music world by Britain
  • Examine the various significances that can be found in any one particular song. What makes people react to it in different ways.
  • Can music be used as part of a rehabilitation program for prisoners?
  • How the music of the Vietnam War era brought about innovative and revolutionary ways of thinking.
  • The high cost of free music downloads.
  • Reggae music: What are its origins and is it a genre of music or a culture?
  • What effect has technology had on music?
  • Pirating music in the digital age.
  • Can music be used as a form of medicine for healing illness?

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