Argumentative essay topics for middle school

If you are writing an argumentative essay as a middle school student you want to make sure you pick a good essay topic. Sometimes the teacher will assign your essay topic to you and you won’t have any flexibility but other times you get to pick any topic that relates to your class. For example: if you are asked to write an argumentative essay for your history class you might be allowed to write a paper on any topic that relates to history at all. If you are writing it for your English class you might be able to cover any topic in literature from the books you are reading that year.

If you are having difficulty thinking of a creative topic, consider the following examples:

  • Should the Federal government be given the authority to regulate information on the internet?
  • How does one measure success in war?
  • Are Iraq veterans being cheated from their medical benefits?
  • Should journalists now be required to reveal sources?
  • How can malpractice insurance costs be reduced?

Whatever the topic is that you choose for your argumentative essay below are some tips on how to get started with the writing process.

  1. Start at any Point
  2. You will start to gain momentum as you complete each task. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed by any task individually, that often means it was not broken down into small enough chunks. So perhaps revisit the task and break it down again, tackling each piece one at a time. You might find that writing one of your major arguments is easier than starting with the introduction.

  3. Write each day
  4. By writing a little bit each day you keep your thesis fresh in your mind, which enables you to easily pick up where you might have left off rather than struggling to re-focus your brain on a concept you haven’t touched upon in days or weeks. This leaves you open to new interpretations regularly. You can even make conceptual progress while completing otherwise mundane tasks such as driving.

  5. Create incentives to counter procrastination
  6. Everyone procrastinates which is why it is important to stay organized and work consistently. But how can you overcome procrastination? Create incentives to stay on task. Reward yourself with short breaks to reinforce your progress. For every milestone you complete, you earn time playing in the garden or on the computer. You might earn one drink for every week you write consistently.


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