Online websites with good topics for essays

If you’re looking for a good topic for your essay then it’s actually within you. Go deep into your background and you will discover it. But in case if you have too many ideas and you can’t bring them all under one topic, then you can take some help from your online sources. These sources will assist the writers in discovering that they had not planned. Such essays can also discuss pros and cons of the usage of a product etc.

These online websites inspire the students and gives them ideas so they can bring their focus primarily within the boundaries of it and brainstorm various ideas.

Apart from websites you can even opt for search engines. You can simply give them a hint and you will be given links to websites which would provide you with a huge range of topics. These websites and search engines help the writers at the beginner level to set their feet on the ground before they take on some other high level ventures.

There might be a problem of running out of options in such circumstances but try to give the topic a bit of your perception as well. This way it will help you in building your creativity

Following are a list of examples that you could use

  • Atomic bomb and the domino theory
  • Connection between robotization and world poverty
  • Should the actors and athletes be paid too much
  • Stereotypes in the media
  • Animal testing, good or bad?
  • Should same sex marriages be legalized?
  • Nation feeding on fast food
  • Impact of media on society
  • Sports a matter of watching or playing?
  • Should sex education be allowed in public school
  • Disadvantages of recycling, if any.
  • Internet censorship
  • Cyber crimes
  • Growing trend of smoking
  • Can violent video games lead to a violent trait in children
  • Has face book made our lives meaningless?
  • Bullying needs to end
  • Teachers and students bond needs to be friendly rather than strict
  • Taking a risk can lead to a massive success or a great downfall
  • Difference between the human in stone age and the human in the 21st century
  • Are women better than men or are they equal?
  • Self defense or murder?
  • Global warming and its impacts
  • Is getting education important?

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