History Of The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl refers to a championship game for the National Football League (NFL), which is held annually, in the United States (US). Super Bowl was created as a result of a merger between a rival league, the African Football League (AFL), and the NFL. The merger between the two leagues was officiated in 1970. The first Super Bowl game was played in January 1967, and the next will take place in February 2015. Most Americans hold the day on which the Super Bowl is played in high regard; some consider it an unofficial US national holiday, popularly referred to as the Super Bowl Sunday. According to statistics, Super Bowl Sunday has become popular among Americans, such that it is has become the second-largest day for food consumption in the US, after Thanksgiving Day. The popularity of the Super Bowl, therefore, necessitates a review of its history, in order to generate a deeper understanding of its significance.

The Super Bowl is the most watched annual sporting events globally. The viewership of the Super Bowl has surpassed popular events like the UEFA championship and the Spanish El Classico. Besides, the event has widely viewed in the United States, more than any other event such that it was voted the best television program of the year. Additionally, the programs have received a significant rating of 40 and 60 share from the viewers in the country. A research conducted by Nielson Media Research indicated that at one random moment, at least 100 million tune into the Super Bowl, which reflects to the actual number of fans of the Super Bowl.

The popularity of the Super Bowl Tournaments initiated performances from popular artists such as Michael Jackson and various artists from across the globe. The Super Bowl tournaments have also been characterized by performances of the American National Anthem. Additionally, the tournament has experienced a lot of conspiracy, especially when a wardrobe malfunction occurred when Justin Timberlake performed with Janet Jackson and were accused of indecency. Nevertheless, the malfunction was overridden by the quality of other performances that followed over the years. Currently, the Super Bowl has attracted an increased popularity from across the world. Indeed the emergence of the African Football League and the National Football League introduced a competitive league that has significantly influenced the performance of the American football. The viewership indicates that the Super Bowl fans across the globe significantly appreciate the competitiveness and the quality of the league.


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