A List Of Interesting Personal Narrative Essay Topics For Middle School

One of the most powerful papers that you may be asked to write in middle school is a personal narrative essay. A personal narrative is a paper that describes something that has happened to you. It is a great paper for students to write because it focuses on how you view a certain situation that has happened in your life. Since you don’t need any other resources but your memory to write this type of paper, it is a great essay to have students write because they can concentrate on the writing methods and not on finding information.

When you need to decide on a topic to write about, it can be a little difficult because most people can’t really think of something that they think is interesting enough to write about. Here is a list of some ideas you can use to write this paper.

  1. Favorite vacation
  2. Moment that was really hard
  3. Your greatest accomplishment
  4. A family reunion you went to
  5. Your first day of middle school
  6. An embarrassing moment
  7. Something scary that happened to you
  8. A big argument you and a friend had
  9. A sporting event you went to
  10. A meeting with an important person

Once you have chosen your topic, the next step will be to create an outline that lists the main ideas that you will discuss in your paper. For example, if you chose to write about your favorite vacation, you will want to jot down the various things that happened on your trip that made it so special. For this type of paper, you probably want to write these events in chronological order. That means to write them in the order that they happened.

You are telling a story to your audience about your topic. You will want to include details in your story so that it paints a picture of the events. You want to work on describing how you felt that day and what it meant to you. It is a look into your life and your perception of the day. How did that moment make you feel? Be sure to let your reader know you through your writing. It is designed for your reader to get to know you a little better so just tell a story about a day in your life.


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