Can online essay service guarantee you an excellent grade?

When you hire an online essay service to write your paper it can be difficult to ensure that you will get an excellent grade. Some of the more advanced professional essay writing services offer guarantees that you can get the grade you want no matter what it is so long as they are provided with a grading rubric.

Many teachers give this out with an assignment so that students know what they need to do to achieve any given letter grade. Some students who hire academic writing services know that it is against their teacher’s or school policy and do not want to get caught. As a result they will ask for a research paper that is on par with their previous marks. That means that if a student was averaging a “C” grade on their previous tests and papers they will want a paper that earns them a “C” grade or “B” grade so that nothing seems out of the ordinary. Having a paper that is suddenly top notch from a student who rarely tries can seem slightly suspicious.

Other students might greatly need a particular mark in order to bring their average grade up or to pass a class that they are failing. In these instances the midterm or final papers are often very important and constitute a large percentage of the grade. In order for the students to pass or raise their complete grade by one letter they will need to achieve a certain mark on their final paper.

In these cases there are certain professional writing services that can review your grading rubric and follow the guidelines precisely so that it adheres to whatever letter grade you want. If for example you want a “B” grade and the rubric assigns a “B” when there are a few citations incorrectly written or a few errors then the professional writing service might leave a few errors on purpose to secure this mark.

However the same way that no student can guarantee their paper will be reviewed properly and be given the grade for which they strive it is the same that no professional company can guarantee that the piece they provide will get a certain letter grade. The most they can do is offer a guarantee that you will receive a refund and/or edits if the paper they provide fails to get the grade you want.


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