Everything You Need To Know About The Essay Structure

Writing a decent essay is easy, but if you want to write a really good one you will have to work hard. There are some important things that matter besides the topic and the information that you provide, like the structure. If you don’t arrange your ideas properly and you don’t make sure that your essay is clear enough, it will not really matter if your topic is impressive. Here is everything you need to know about the essay structure:

  • The introduction is a must. This should be a basic rule for any student; you can’t jump to the main information without discussing the topic for a little bit. This means that you will have to write one or two paragraphs for the introduction, and explain why you choose this topic. You can give some details about the main ideas as well, but remember that this has to be a short part.
  • You need to divide the body of the composition in chapters. Of course, if you have to create a one page essay, it’s pointless to use chapters. On the other hand, if your text has more than a few pages, you will have to create an outline and attach it at the end of it. This will make everything easier for you, since you will know from the start how you have to arrange your ideas.
  • Your opinion is not always required. In some types of essays, you have to be completely objective and to leave your personal opinion aside. Make sure that you do this when it’s the case, otherwise you will be considered unprofessional.
  • The conclusion needs to be relevant, clear and short. If you forgot to discuss about some important ideas in the body of your text, don’t do this at the end. It will be confusing for the reader and you will have to create a long, senseless conclusion. It’s better to create an appendix and write there everything you forgot in the first place.
  • When you use quotations and references, mention the author and the source. This is a strict requirement for every composition, and your quotation will not be taken into consideration if you don’t mention who said this and when. In some situations you can create a references page, so you don’t have to write all the details right in the middle of the text.

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