Mastering Writing Skills: What Are The Good Topics For An Argumentative Essay

Your topic for your argumentative essay has to be one that has enough research on the topic to back up your claim.  If you don’t have enough information on the topic and an opposing side then you are not writing an argumentative essay, you are writing a persuasive one.  There is a thin line between the two, for example you are not trying to persuade the reader in an argumentative essay but trying to see both sides of the argument and then let them decide which side they are on.  Here are some good topics that you can use for your argumentative essay or you can use them as a jumping off point to choosing your own.

Good Topics For An Argumentative Essay

  • Is damage to the environment a consequence of humankind improving their standards of living?  We tear down trees level fields to put in a Wal-Mart but is this kind of destruction necessary to improve our lives.

  • Does the media treat famous people unfairly?  Do you think they should have more privacy or is this just the price of being famous?  Famous people can’t do anything without the entire world finding out but is this fair or should they have already been aware of the consequences of being famous?

  • Who is the better parent, men or woman?  We have heard of the nurturing gene in woman but do men have it too.  Is there a better sex at raising child?

  • Computers and the Internet have made it easy to translate other languages but do you think that future children will have to learn more languages in the future?  Now days you have to know at least a little bit of Spanish to commutate with some people but do you think that English will be a second language and another one will dominate the United States or will we have to learn more languages because of overseas work?

  • The retirement age is 65 years old but should this be enforced more in companies to free work up for recent college and high school grads?  The work force is getting small every year because of operations being moved overseas and retirees staying at their jobs longer because they can’t afford to retire.  Why do we have this problem and can it be solve if companies make employees 65 and older retire?

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