A List Of Outstanding Narrative Essay Topic Ideas For College

Children, as they grow, find the weight of their studies ever going up. The subjects keep increasing; and each subject gains in scope. Slowly but surely, one-word or one-line answers give way to subjective responses.

The modern syllabus

The modern syllabus is built on the premise that the child gains perspective and capacity to tackle big questions as he grows. Thus, a middle schooler has tougher schedule than a prep schooler; a college student has more arduous assignments than a middle schooler.

Gauzing the mettle

One aspect of checking the verity of subjective growth of children is their ability to tackle big answers; answers that take up many pages. These not only require consistency of thought, but also the amalgamation of knowledge on the subject. The narrative essay needs to have a head, body and foot. What passes through it is the child’s knowledge itself.

Treading the waters

Teachers go on a pattern of setting up narrative essays for college students with an eye to gauze their overall gaining of concepts. The topics appear simple at first sight, so as to delight the child. However, as he contemplates the necessity to follow the topic with a large essay, he begins to fall short of ideas. That is where his imagination, grounding and control over the language gains sway. Those who have it pass the test; those who don’t, merely pass the pillow!

Choice of essays is a reflection

The college student gets three or four narrative essays to choose from. Instinctively, he goes for an easy-looking paper, generally an imaginative one. There is the scope for addition in these essays. However, students who believe in themselves take on the tougher test by choosing complicated topics and indulging in the scheme of things. The teachers ought to choose such narrative papers, so as to keep the students interested. College students cannot, after all, be expected to solve research papers.

Herein follow a list of 10 such narrative essays which should put the ball in students’ court. It depends on them, then, as to how to handle the topics.

  1. A critique on capitalism
  2. The dangers of technological revolution
  3. The biggest mistake of my life and its repercussions
  4. The value of communication
  5. The five necessary disciplines of life
  6. The day it rained
  7. The puzzle I need to decode
  8. Effective ways of setting up an aesthetic yet opulent home
  9. Is the world turning a full circle?
  10. What is more important: Security or passion

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