System Security

The system security is concerned with the set of rules, policies and principles that are related to the protection of the system used by the users. Information systems are secured by the detective, protective and recovery measures that are taken by the business. These measures reduce the level of risk that is associated with the occurrence of a particular event. The preventive measures that are taken by the organization include the use of passwords, badges, policies, keycards, contingency plans, encryption and firewalls).

The other method to reduce the level of risk is the use of detective measures that include the use of audit trails, closed-circuit TV, security reviews, monitor sensors and close observation to detect issues and resolve them immediately. There is a list of some Generally Accepted System Security Principles (GASSP) that have been developed for the security practitioners to use for ensuring the user that the system is secure and protected. The system is a term used to represent an umbrella of the software, hardware, administrative, physical and organizational issues that should be resolved for system security.

There are many benefits of ensuring the system security because the user feels safe and can perform their activities in a proper manner to achieve their objectives in the organization.

Secure system will allow the employees to maintain good practice in the organization, a properly developed information security system will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business, the productivity will increase, trade of the business will improve, the public trust will be preserved, best practices will be promoted and there will be a reduction in the level of duplication of the creative effort of people. The business organizations are performing in a highly competitive industry that poses several threats or challenges like advancement of technology, dynamic environment, globalization and hyper competition so it is essential for the business to have system security in order to achieve the major objectives of the business in a proper manner.

The system security is also very important as it allows the businesses around the world to share a harmonized set of principles that ensure the free flow of information that would be restricted due to conflicting set of standards or controls. The business able to fulfill the needs of their user is successful as the information that is required for the proper decision making in the competitive environment to achieve progress, growth and success in the business.


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