A List Of Controversial Essay Topics On The New Testament

Like every other scriptural compilation out there, the New Testament has its own fair share of controversies. These controversies are not new as they have lingered around for centuries. In the sections below, we will take a look at some of the most controversial essay topics on the New Testament:

Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Although this is one of the most central points of Christianity, it has generated immense controversy over the years. This is for several reasons, one of which is the conflicting accounts of the very act of resurrection itself. The controversy is so intense that it has led to some scientists dismissing the entire story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as nothing but a fabulous myth.

The persecution of Christians

Although the New Testament is full of stories that depict a widespread and sustained persecution of Christians, there are some disputes about the matter that still exist till date. The most prominent of these is that the precise purpose of the persecution is debated. While some records hint that the Christians were persecuted solely for their religious beliefs, some other narrations point to a more political reason for the crackdown.

Accuracy of the Acts of the Apostles

There is so much argument over the historical narrations concerning the depiction of the apostles that it is not clear if a solution will ever be found. There is a particularly thorny issue relating to the historical records of Apostle Paul. There are various parts of Acts that have been subjected to intense academic debates and intellectual discourses over time. The conflicting narrations have been the sources of vehement disagreements. Like other parts, some scholars have also been forced to conclude that the whole narration is a compilation of myths and fables.

The Immaculate Conception

The conception by the Holy Virgin Mary of Jesus Christ is also another area of fierce contention among various scholars. The controversial nature of the concept is expressed in the sharp doctrinal differences between the various sects of Christianity, with the Catholics taking the concept to the very heights of dogmatism. For some other sects of Christianity, this concept is not really that too important but for some other Christians; this concept is so important that the worship of the Virgin Mary herself is of extreme importance. For some Christians, this borders on the very line of heresy. The controversy over the concept stems from the complex narrations of events of the event in the New Testament.

These are some of the most pronounced controversies found in the New Testament. A further search will reveal even more astounding and disturbing revelations.


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