Important Points For A Cause And Effect Essay On Serial Killers

There are few crimes that capture the imagination as much as murder. We are fascinated by people who commit several murders while at the same time we are revolted by them. They remind us of our own mortality and how easily even young and healthy people can die. With this in mind, it is easy to see how writing an essay about serial killers can be an attractive topic. If you choose to go the compare and contrast route, here are some points to consider.

What is a serial killer?

If a soldier kills many different ‘enemies’ on the battle field, does that make him fit the bill? In general we do not use the label in that way. Similarly, if someone who supports a particular cause straps an explosive device to him or herself and blows it up in a crowded place killing and maiming hundreds of people does that count? In general we stick to murders that are committed in a ‘series’ with a clear pattern.

What is the most common profile for these criminals?

In the United States of Americas, almost all of the people who fit that definition have been Caucasoid males in their mid twenties to forties. There have been a few exceptions but this has been fairly standard over the years. They tend to have exhibited some signs of violent tendencies over the course of their childhoods that were dismissed by loved ones. A few have come from loving homes but often there is evidence of emotional, physical or sexual abuse perhaps with elements of neglect as well.

Are there any notable anomalies

There should be some mention of cases where these types of crimes have been committed by the least likely suspects. There are children who have managed to murder a few others before their tendencies were noticed. These are rare but this makes them even more useful for inclusion in the essay. They provide something to compare to.

What factors have made likely murders lead good lives instead

Some of the personality traits that are common in psychopaths and sociopaths that may lead them to become serial murderers are also present in athletes, CEO's and other successful people. This paper should consider how these traits can be funneled into other more beneficial activities so that no one gets hurt by the child as an adult.


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