Creating Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

For Middle Schoolers, this is going to be one of the first essays they will write. Even in a simplified version, this is going to a challenge for most students. So understanding the essay is going to be important. So what is an Argumentative Essay? Basically, it is an essay where the writer expresses an argument, and tries persuade the reader to follow their lead. We’ll cover this and show a few sample topics.

  1. Tips on writing an Argumentative Essay
  2. Fundamentals on Writing an Essay
  3. Sample Topics
  • Tips on Writing an Argumentative Essay
  • There are two things to do before the essay is ever started; choose a topic, and an outline. F the writer does not know what they are going to write about, then they can never start. And outline helps by laying out each part of the essay, and what goes where.

    • Make a stand, and stick to it
    • Persuade the reader to follow your point
    • Back up everything with facts
    • Reference and cite all resources
    • Create a strong argument
    • Close with a solid ending, leaving nothing to question, unless it is what the writer wants asked.

  • Fundamentals on Writing an Essay
  • Remember the three parts of an essay; Introduction, body, conclusion. The introduction, introduces the reader to the essay and topic, it also is an outline for the reader. The body is the meat of the essay; it is where all the major information and argument goes. And finally, the Conclusion; this closes the essay and answers any remaining questions.

    All resources much be referenced in a bibliography, and cited as the instructor showed. It is always important to give credit to who wrote what is used in the essay.

  • Sample Topics
  • The best way to create a good argumentative essay topic for an essay, is to find one the student is familiar with. The more opinion on a subject, the better the topic can be. In middle school, stay in an area the student is good with. It is easier to develop the skill there before advancing out.

Now here are some topics that might help.

  1. Why “place” is better for vacations.
  2. Why the Cafeteria should have “what food”
  3. Why I believe man will be on Mars, by 2035
  4. What do you think of saggy pants
  5. Animal abusers should serve jail time, your opinion

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