How to Write an Expository Essay: How to Find an Example Easily

This type of assignment asks a student to thoroughly investigate an idea, analyze and evaluate evidence in support of that idea, expound on the idea further, and make a clear and concise argument around that idea. There are several writing strategies to a great expository essay – definition, compare and contrast, and cause and effect to name a few.

Here are simple instructions to find an example easily and write an expository essay:

  • Searching for an example: Expository essays a common type of assignment, and because of this you should be able to find many short, free examples online. Before downloading a file, however, you’ll want to make sure you have identified a writing strategy. If your topic would be better discussed following a compare and contrast strategy, you wouldn’t get much by finding a cause and effect example essay.

  • Elements to look for: Expository essays are unlike creative essays or argumentative essays. The primary goal of an expository essay is that it delivers information about an subject, an issue, an idea or method. Be sure you search for one of these elements in your example essay. A well-written essay will cover any one of these in the introductory paragraph. If you can’t readily identify what information is being presented then you should probably find another sample.

  • Find examples with evidential support: The most important component of your essay will be how you expound on an idea using evidential support. That means that you should select an example essay that effectively does this within its body paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a single idea, allowing for clarity and direction throughout the essay. This will make the essay more readable and enjoyable for the audience.

  • Look for a complete argument: You might notice that some examples you find seem like one-half of conversations or debates with someone else. That’s because most of the best expository essays usually are one-sided debates that bring up all the key components of an argument to the foreground. Make sure the examples you are planning to learn from have a complete argument – a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Writing found in newspaper articles, business memos, letters and many college essays often fall into the category of expository essay writing. This means that there are great examples everywhere; you just need to take the time to learn what it is that makes for a great essay. Take your examples and practice rewriting in your own words. Learning from example will help you improve your writing quickly and efficiently.


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