Effective Tips on How to Write an Art Critique Paper

A critique paper is one that does exactly as the name suggests: it critiques something. You can write a critique about a book or a film or even a piece of artwork. If you are writing an art critique your goal is to provide your reader with a clear opinion and that opinion has to be your opinion. As you write it is important to make sure that you have the following items:

  • You need to have an interesting topic that fits within the parameters of your assignment and is appropriate. You need to have a well organized topic with a clear argument. Your argument must then be backed by sufficient evidence.

  • You need to have a paper that is well organized. This means you have an introduction and a conclusion to frame the body of your paper. You need a direct thesis. You need a paragraph structure that is logical and presents your arguments clearly.

  • You also need to make sure your paper embodies an appropriate style. If the piece of artwork was reflective you need to note that. If it was a serious and somber piece you need to note that too. You need to consider all of these elements when you begin drafting your art critique.

Remember that the critique needs to be edited and proofread so that there are no errors with grammar or punctuation. Take some time to evaluate the first and second drafts of your critique paper and answer the following questions.

  • Ask yourself if the piece of art has a clear purpose.
  • Ask yourself if the piece of art had a moral.
  • Ask yourself if the piece of art showcased conflict or a resolve
  • Ask yourself if the piece of art was organized well or if it was abstract.
  • Ask yourself if the piece of art made good use of visual elements
  • Ask yourself if the piece of art reflected on any component of the author’s personality.
  • Ask yourself if the piece of art showcased passion and creativity.

Look for clues in things such as:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Images
  • Symbols
  • Style
  • Text
  • Etc…

You need to be critical about the piece of art. If it was intended to show off a feeling then mention that. If it provides insight into a historical event with very little detail then mention that too. The final piece should provide a description of the piece of art you are reviewing so that the reader can understand the elements you later discuss. If appropriate you should include an image of the piece of art in your essay. If you are evaluating the piece based on the artistic elements or the theme used then state that at the beginning of the essay.


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