5 Business Essay Topics You Should Never Use

As a graduate or collegiate-level student writing on business you may come upon an uncertainty as to whether or not you should write about certain topics. Some may be too confusing to present clearly in an essay or term paper, while other topics may be too outdated to even bring up. Here are 5 business essay topics you should never use if you want to have success writing on the subject:

  1. Hypothetical World References. Most people read or listen to the news to keep up with what’s happening in the world around them: business essays should be written with this same principle in mind. Your topic should focus on something that is relevant to your readers. Don’t right about issues or problems that occur in a vacuum or in a hypothetical world. Right about real business problems and solutions.

  2. Topic that Has No Industry Value. There are some general topics in business that will not deal with a specific industry, but these are mainly theoretical papers that are too general and won’t usually get the interest that an essay written towards a specific industry. Think about focusing your essay to answer a specific question or solve a problem. Instead of writing about stock investment be more specific and write about investment in technology stocks. Be even more precise by writing about medical technologies or space technologies investment.

  3. Topics with No Data or Stats. Business essay writing is filled with theories that attempt to explain and forecast trends, but rarely are these kinds of essays presented without some credible data or statistics to back up the information. A business essay without evidence will quickly be discredited by critics or response papers, both of which are a big stain in this kind of writing.

  4. Topics that Only Scratch the Surface. You don’t want to introduce a topic that you aren’t willing to research and discuss at greater lengths. The reason for this is you want to show what’s behind the curtain behind every theory you present. In business, you want to show what your ideas and arguments mean towards the subject. Direct your readers as much as possible and don’t leave them guessing what to do with the information.

  5. Outdated Topics. It’s never a good idea to write your essay on a topic that has been outdated, disproven, or accepted as fact for that matter. Your essay should always focus on topics that have meaning and are relevant to the time. Especially in business, outdated essay topics come off as being lazy and will more than likely put your audience to sleep.

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