Argument Essays Writing Help: Technology and Ethics Topics

A topic that is directed at persuasion needs to be very specific in order to possess the flexibility of an argumentative style. Consider some of the following seven technology and ethics topics for your next argumentative essay.

  • The dangers of becoming too reliant on technology
  • (You may want to argue on either side for this one) Most of us have candles in our homes in case our lights go out. But if the internet or our electronic banking systems were to shut down, how would we cope?

  • More effort and money should be directed at travel technology
  • With fuel prices rising and oil reserves dropping, what will the future of travel hold unless more research is put into improving it? Argue that current investments into this industry are not sufficient and that it should be focused on more.

  • Marijuana should be legalized and alcohol banned
  • Considering the amount of deaths attributed to alcohol as opposed to those that marijuana are responsible for, does society have its ethics the wrong way around concerning these two substances? Argue that they do and that the legalization of marijuana is a step in the right direction to solving many social problems.

  • Minecraft should be allowed in schools
  • Many studies have shown that the game Minecraft can teach a number of helpful lessons to kids. Do your own study and argue on behalf of the game being used in primary schools to teach team work, circuitry, architecture, logic, and more.

  • Technological devices emit radiation and can cause cancer
  • Is there a high cost in having our technology improvements? Explain the consequences of radiation-emitting devices and argue that measures should be taken to prevent such dangers. Also consider suggesting some solutions to the problem such as covers for phones and mats for laptops. Then argue that these should be mandatory for people who use them.

  • Cheating on a spouse should be illegal
  • Discuss the implications of outlawing marital affairs. What kind of an impact would this have on society? Argue that the family unit would become stronger as a result of this and that the country would benefit as a whole.

  • Harsher punishment for rapists and child molesters
  • Are death and prison too kind for the ultra degenerate? Argue that when sex offenders commit a crime, the harm they cause is much more permanent and damaging than any punishment currently utilized.


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