How to write an essay in just one hour

Writing an essay is normally at the minimum a nightlong task.  However, not all students have that type of luxury of time. Sometimes a student only has a few hours to complete all of their homework, for those students who have no time it becomes an act off balance and priorities.  Sometimes it is an issue of speeding through an assignment.   So here are some very important tips to write an essay in just one hour.  


  • Prioritize
  • Make a mental list, or jot a quick  note down about what needs to be in the essay, the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, and why’s.  Start at the top and just go down the list and mark what is the most important.   

  • Keep it Simple
  • Do no overcomplicate it.  Time is not friend right now, and there is no need to really frill it up.  Be direct and concise.  Simply state the purpose, the evidence and your conclusion.

  • Technology Off
  • Put your cell phone on silent or even off.  Log off of Facebook, twitter, and all other social media time sucks.  You have these up then your are trying to focus on an essay, then you aren’t going to get the essay done. No matter what the reason you are in a rush is, having these sort of distractions can really kill your focus.  

  • Environment
  • Find the right environment to work.  If you are sharing an apartment with five people and tonight is their party night, you don’t want to sit down and attempt to get the essay down.  You want to find the place that you will be able to focus, the right study space for you, and if this is the first time you’ve had to  complete an assignment, then you should know where you work the best.  

  • Knowledge
  • Use the knowledge you have, if you can make a comparison to something you’ve learned previously, do it.  When time is an factor of writing an essay then you need to  take advantage of everything you have. Make what you know work for you.  Don't just pull something out of the hat, use something within the subject, but unless you already have the research complete cannibalize what you have.

These tips will help anyone stay focus and complete an essay in an hour.  They might seem like common sense, but sometimes when you are in a rush, common sense will go out the window.  Making the right choices about your usage of time, environment and goals can really help you write an essay in one hour.  


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