How to Create Good Argument Essay Topics for College Students: List of Hints

When your final grade depends on how well you ace your paper in college, you need to have a foolproof thesis that will stay with you a long way. That is the reason why college students take their theses very seriously, since their college careers depend on them. Thus, as a college student, it is your holy duty to make everything about your paper as persuasive and engaging as possible. All of it starts from writing on a good and strong essay topic, especially when it comes to an argumentative essay. Therefore, here is a list of hints to help you get on track and write the best topic there is.

  • Decide which side you are on
  • An argumentative essay is, at the end of the day, an argument. While most topics generally have two sides that you can elaborate on, it is generally thought best to pick one and stay true to it till the very end. The reason for doing this lies in the simple fact that using too many points of view in one essay can very easily make you digress from your original viewpoint and thus taint your essay with ambiguity.

  • Write a foolproof and spectacular introduction
  • Those who say that an introduction is the most important part of the essay are right. The human mind quickly rejects pieces that it doesn’t find interesting. However, those that capture its attention are retained in the memory. Therefore, pay special attention and extra time to your thesis statement. Be creative, clear and concise on what you want to say and how you want to say it.v

  • Consider the audience you are writing for
  • This goes a long way in deciding the tone of your essay. For example, if you are writing for an academic audience, you will stick to using formal terms. However, if it is an interactive article for a trendier, younger clientele, you may use slang.

  • Playing the “Devil’s Advocate”
  • Most people often associate argumentative essays with moral issues and believe that people should write and vouch for causes they believe in. However, this is not entirely true.

    It is easier if the topic you are writing for is one you are interested in, but there is nothing wrong in choosing a topic that you do not agree with. However, remember not to stray from your point of view when you do something like this, since it will defeat the original purpose of your essay.


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