How To Write A Good Essay Introduction: 5 Vital Suggestions

When you are writing a good essay introduction you need to remember that the introduction just like any other part of your paper does not have to come first. You can write in whatever order you choose. If you are struggling to produce a top notch essay, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Speak with other people in your class and see if you can work with them and/or share notes.
  2. Ask your professor or TA for essay samples from previous students. The more samples you have, the more familiar you will be with the writing style that is required for your particular assignment and/or your professor. All professors are different and may require different writing styles or reference styles, so asking for a range of papers with varying grades can help you establish a grading rubric in your head.
  3. Ask around to see if any former students or advisors have any writing tips. They might be able to help you with procrastination, overcoming writer’s block, or finding appropriate sources for your assignment.
  4. Write your first draft in single space. Never start with double space. It will give you a boost when you then double space your work and find that you have written twice as much as you realized! Then when you add your reference page and your cover page, and number the entire thing, you will be surprised at how much you have written.
  5. When you print your drafts and your bibliographies try and place them in a notebook that has multiple section dividers. You will see how your notebook gets thicker as you continue to work on the project and this visual representation of your progress will encourage you not to give up.

Lastly: remember to quit while you are ahead. If you are on a roll it might be best to just stop for the day. If you figured out the best closing argument for your paper you can write a note that says “next I am going to introduce A and B and explain how they are related to each other. They share similar characteristics which support my theory of Z”. Having this note saved for the next day will really help you to be even more productive when you start the following day because you will know exactly what to write which will encourage your creativity.


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