How To Write A Good Critical Analysis Essay On A Point Of View

If you have been set this assignment, you may now be scratching your head, at a loss as to know how to proceed. Well, there is no need to worry, for there’s always help to be had!

What is it?

  • A critical analysis paper is asking you to make an argument -usually about a particular book, dissertation, movie etc. In this case, you are being asked to provide a critical analysis on a certain point of view.
  • The object of this type of paper is to explain and identify the argument being put forward by the source material, as well as making your own argument with regards to the argument.
  • In order for you to formulate your own opinion, you’ll need to make sure you fully understand the intentions of the point of view you are critiquing.

What else?

  • This type of project requires both critical reading and critical writing. You are being asked to evaluate a work (in this case, a particular point of view) in order to provide a full understanding of it to your own reader.
  • These types of paper are subjective because you will be expressing your opinionyou’re your evaluation of the matter.
  • The analysis area of these assignments requires you to break down the original piece you’re looking at into parts and study and scrutinize each part carefully.

What to include?

  • Make sure you get the structure right!
  • You should firstly include background information on the work at hand (for instance, it could be that you’re looking at a point of view on Socialism expressed in George Orwell’s Road to Wigan Pier, so you would begin by giving the background to the book and the opinion given by the author).
  • Remember to include the title, the author and publication information, as well as a statement on the topic at hand and a summary of the work.
  • Then you should move on to your own opinion (which is possibly much more fun!) Include an interpretation and/or evaluation of the work and the point of view being argued and go on to discuss the work’s organization, style and effectiveness. Discuss the treatment of the topic and its appeal to a particular audience.

Check before you begin!

This type of paper can actually be quite tricky to get right- so now you have the basics, be sure to ascertain that you know the exact requirements of your assignment (ask your teacher if you are unsure). Also, it’s extremely valuable to study other examples of student and professional papers to see how these assignments are best written. You can find plenty of examples in your library or online.


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