A Guide For Students On How To Write A Strong Essay

If you are assigned an essay and want to ensure that the final piece you produce is a strong essay, capable of giving you a high grade, then you will want to try and improve your writing skills a little bit with each new paper you write. If you want to improve your writing skills and your grade then consider the tips below:

  • Tip 1: Each essay requires a proper structure.
  • The essay has to be broken down into paragraphs that make the information readable. The worst thing for teachers is to read an essay with no paragraph breaks. By breaking down your information into different sections, you can help it flow in a logical way.

  • The introduction is where you tell the reader what your main point is.
  • This is where you introduce your topic and you outline the points you plan on presenting in the body of your paper. If your essay is going to argue a point, then you need to make it clear to the reader what your particular argument is or what your point of view is in the argument.

  • The body paragraphs are where you tell the reader the things you mentioned in your introduction.
  • This is where you tell the reader what main points you have in support of your thesis. Shorter papers may have three to five points while longer papers may have dozens of points. Each point should be presented in its own paragraph.

  • The conclusion is where you summarize what information you presented in the essay.
  • But do not merely repeat or rephrase the thesis and the key points. Rephrase the thesis and key points in light of the evidence you presented.

If you want to cover an essay topic related to science, you can look over the examples below and see if any of them are something that you can relate to your assignment, or at the very least, if any of the examples help you brainstorm something unique for yourself:

  1. Is it the responsibility of scientists to try and help people to live longer?
  2. If science were given unlimited resources, what medical or scientific problems would you investigate?
  3. Is it acceptable to replace organic human limbs using metal technology?
  4. Does life exist anywhere other than earth?
  5. Should eggs that are fertilized be given personhood status legally?
  6. Should adults be more concerned with climate change?

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