Write An Impressive Persuasive Essay Easily

Persuasive essays have a peculiar kind of freedom. They can be clearly subjective and still come off as masterful if written properly. This does not require you to reduce opposing views to caricatures, it merely means that you need not devote as much time to their analysis. Here are a few helpful hints to help you start.

  • Know your audience well
  • Because a persuasive essay is trying to convince the audience of a certain point, you will need to know what your audience is most easily swayed by. It may be emotional or philosophical, political or religious. Just know that if you profile poorly, your audience will be unimpressed at best or even outright offended by the way you have chosen to speak to them. If you can think on your feet you may be able to improvise your way out of that situation from the first sign of trouble. This is a difficult stunt to pull so research your crowd well in advance.

  • Pick the topic
  • A good brainstorming session can yield several potential topics. Look at them objectively. Rearrange them a bit. Think about that audience you profiled earlier. Knock the less promising ones off the list and then do essay plans for your top three. One of them should stand out even by a little bit. That’s your essay topic.

  • Be colorful
  • The essay plan you created will benefit from some points of interest. An appropriate joke, a well placed story or quote can bring the audience more in line with the point you’re trying to make. Referencing an authority in the field can make whatever you say afterward sound that much more convincing. Tricks like these can keep your audience focused on you.

  • Proofread and Edit
  • Look over your essay carefully and read it to yourself aloud. This will help you find places where you’ve been redundant without realizing. It can also help you rearrange points for a better flow.

  • Test
  • Once your essay has been completed, test it on a small group of people. This will let you see how your audience might react to it like when their attention starts to drift or the parts they find especially interesting. Based on this information you can make the last of your changes.

Having run through all of these steps, all that’s left is to practice your speech several times before delivery. This will make you more likely to deliver it flawlessly when it counts.


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