The Top 20 Informative Essay Topics To Discover

Has your teacher assigned you an essay, and you are confused in taking a start? Are you stuck somewhere in selecting an informative essay topic? If yes, then try some concentrating techniques. It would be helpful if you start copying down the topics you are interested in, and start reading the essays of all kinds and topics. Do not get confused; take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of all the essays you read or wrote. Select the category you have more interest. It could be history, economic or health related topic. You could also select a topic from an informative documentary you once watched.

Informative essays are easy to write on as they only involve search and information. The purpose of writing these papers is to educate and inform your reader about the specific topic. You could add your personal opinion as well.

Following are the top 20 informative essay topics

  1. an insight of the life of John F Kennedy
  2. Corruption in Pakistan
  3. Causes and effects of global warming
  4. Time is money
  5. How to control anxiety and depression
  6. Titanic facts
  7. Controlling domestic violence
  8. Child abuse
  9. Effects of smoking
  10. Use of drugs among teenagers
  11. Soccer 2014
  12. How to eliminate racism
  13. Painting an art
  14. Laws of Einstein
  15. Dealing poverty in rural areas
  16. Education in rural areas
  17. Controlling a stubborn child
  18. Causes of pollution
  19. Trend of homosexuality
  20. Celebrations of Halloween

It is fun to write on any of the above topic. Majority students find it interesting to write on unique topics, because they not only provide information but also give a chance to students in discovering the various aspects of the subjects.

You need to keep in mind that the topic you choose for your paper needs to be recent and valid. If you select an obsolete topic then you will not have enough edge over the rest of the competition. Try to develop major arguments for each topic and see which one is most successful. You may find one of the topics hard to develop the arguments or find relevant data for. Each argument in your paper needs to have three or more supporting evidence.

The ideal procedure is to use brainstorming for generating fresh ideas and elimination to cut down ideas you do not need


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