Getting help from a professional writer: The Things They Carried essay topics

“The things they carried” is a book by Tim O’Brien and the writer calls it a love story. The book has been in discussion for long, and is recommended to various students in high schools and college. Like many other famous pieces of literature, you can always choose a book for the topic of your essay. This can either by specified by your teacher or you can choose it yourself if you have read the book and like it.

Topics to write an essay on the things they carried

Here are a few interesting topics that you can choose to write on from the book. However, it is very important that you have read the book carefully. You will need to explain different characters, time, their feelings, and their roles. If you do not read closely, you will miss something important and will not be able to write an essay on the book. The possible areas you can choose to write in while attempting an essay on the book can be love, war, peace, shame, revenge, guilt, valor, violence, and weight

If you are asked to submit an essay on the book “The things they carried,” you first need to choose an interesting and unique topic

  • What does the author mean by the weight the soldiers carry in the title of the book? Why he felt the need to keep this title and how does it relate to the book. Please use examples to illustrate your ideas in a better way
  • Is this novel a love story? How will you explain the fact that the author calls this book a love story? Do you agree or disagree with him. Give reasons and examples for your stance
  • Shame is an integral part of the story; show how characters react to different situations and when you think they felt ashamed. Use examples and events from the book to support your stance
  • War can change people, discuss if this is true in the light of the book. Why you think it is or why not? Give examples from the books and show how certain events can bring major changes in the way a person thinks, acts or lives
  • The author has used both horrifying and beautiful scenes in the book. Do you agree? If yes, what was the purpose behind this contrast

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